It`s 4 a.m. on election day. There`s a lot to do. It begins today.

By this time tomorrow America will have a new President, a stronger house and most likely a republican senate – we will also have a full time job watching  over and riding shotgun over every one of them.

Our new President will not be a lying marxist/socialist idealogue, that in itself will be a huge weight off the chest of the Constitution.

Our new President will be a politician – we just can`t seem to get away from that sub species of person that weighs every utterance by the chances that more people will not be upset than will be. Changing that is just one of our to do projects on the lengthy chore list.

Our new President should have a laundry list already in hand,  it will include the campaign promises made regarding Obamacare, as well as reversing EVERY extra Constitutional decision,edict, executive order,etc. that Obama (or any other President) has put into place until a reasonable review can be completed.

Our new President and Congress MUST open the books and  documents regarding the Obama administrations vast collection of unconstitutional, illegal dealings from the GM bondholder debacle to the murders in Benghazi and EVERYTHING in between. We must demand public and complete disclosure, with PROOF of what we`re being told.

You see, Mr. President elect and members of Congress, we do not trust you, we do not believe what you say and we know that given the opportunity, you will slip right back into business as usual. We have no intention of allowing that to happen again.

A majority in both houses of Congress and the Presidency, of any party,  has shown us that it requires a constant and severe hand on the leash – you asked to be elected as representatives, Senators and the President, you asked to be put into the position of guard dog to the Republic – with that comes OUR heavy hand on the leash. Things are different now.

Mr. President elect, your life has just changed, we will hold you to OUR standards for the next four years, we will hold you to a higher standard than any of  the previous holders of the office of President – you see, Mr. President elect, we have just gotten the proverbial jolt of electricity from the defibrillator of the last four years of a leader who put on the mask of a patriotic American so he could have the power to hurt America – we have a second shot at life, and we WILL not waste it.

Americans, today is our day, today is the day that honors and justifies all the blood soaked in the ground in the founding of our Country. Today WE are the executive order.

Mr. President elect Romney, Congress: Do your Constitutional duty, be honorable , be thorough in the administering of justice to the enemies of America- be those enemies terrorists, members of Congress, or the cabinet/administration of Barack Hussein Obama.

There will be NO “…move on for the good of the Country…” A deliberate attempt was made to harm this Country and American citizens, lies and cover ups abound – Mr. President elect and Congress,  be advised we will not allow that to be simply put aside because it is uncomfortable for you to call out the person in the seat beside you.

To the so called “mainstream media”  ( did you think I forgot about you?)  You have shown your absolute willingness to trade your Constitutional responsibility for a chance to wear the blue dress in the oval office, you are willing accomplices to lies and cover ups regarding the murder of American citizens, as well as many other shameful actions. You have no defense, the American people will have the final say in your future – I, for one, look forward to participating in your spiral into obscurity.

Americans will speak today, we will send the message that WE are the legitimate, final power in this Country.

We have work to do, it begins today. Be proud America, our system works – but only if we work at it, only if WE keep a heavy hand on the leash – let`s take our new leaders out for a walk and show them the America that has been locked in the kennel for four years.

Mr. President elect Romney, members of Congress – you asked for this job, we LOAN you the power for the next term – you may regret asking for the job……

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"...have you forgotten how it felt that day, to see your homeland under fire,
and her people blown away.....we had neighbors still inside, going through a living
hell...have you forgotten? "

Above excerpts from "Have You Forgotten" by Darryl Worley

The terrorist attacks on 9-11-12 in Libya and on 9-11-01 in N.Y. are different only in
the reaction to them, and the conditions that made them possible.

The attacks were both carried out on American soil by radical Islamist`s.

Let`s look at the differences in the attacks : 9-11-01 was a sucker punch, we had a new
president who was untested and regarded by the world (thanks to the media) as mostly an
idiot, based on past attacks the radical muslims must have been sure that the American
response would be to bluster and pass meaningless resolutions condemning them while the
U.S. society crumbled - they had seen it before, tepid response to American deaths.

They were dead wrong. George W. Bush took it personal, as did the Country. He spoke
simple words from the heart, words that every American had on their lips - we are coming
for you, you are with us, or you are the enemy and we will crush you.

On 9-11-12 we were attacked again, this time it was a surprise only to the American
people, the administration was well aware of the building threat, yet chose to ignore
requests for security. There had been previous attacks in Libya on American soil, attacks
that had no mention in the press, nor did they report that basic defensive measures such
as a request for razor wire at the American compound in Benghazi had been denied in the
name of political correctness.

The details are coming out,  but, a treasonous media, in the interest of WILLINGLY
PROTECTING a president and administration that not only refused to protect Americans in
service to our Country simply not to "offend" terrorists, they ignored a
building threat in the region. This president and many in his administration REFUSED to
allow help to be sent and watched while they were killed .

Repeat that back to yourself - Barack Obama and people under his direct control allowed
the deaths of American citizens under terrorist attack by refusing to allow available
help to be sent. How does that not outrage you?

The next act of this president and Sec. of State Clinton was to concoct a DELIBERATE lie
that was repeated for two weeks on every outlet at their disposal, but in the most
disgusting place possible - they looked into the camera and told the lie while the bodies
of American heroes were being returned to American soil behind them.

No one, NO ONE, that can do that while staring into the faces of the American people
deserves ANY respect or benefit of the doubt.

Barack Hussein Obama is a liar. Barack Hussein Obama is an enemy of American freedom and
the Constitution the men in Benghazi died serving.

There is another parallel that I would like to share with you, I had the honor of meeting
Lech Walesa last week, he is a true freedom fighter, a man who stood up for his Country
and the freedom of his fellow citizens.

The former President of Poland and Nobel prize winner  stood up for freedom in a time
and circumstances that we, as Americans have no idea what it is like to live under, he
stood and spoke in a loud and clear voice about what he believed when he knew dissenters
in that time and place were simply shot for daring to speak - Lech Walesa has a measure
of courage and love of Country few can match.

Do you believe that Barack Hussein Obama possesses that courage, that love of Country
that Mr. Walesa showed the world?

Should a man that leads the greatest nation on the planet possess the qualities that Lech
Walesa has demonstrated to the world - or should that man demonstrate to the world that
he is simply a liar and opportunist who is willing to allow his Countrymen to die to stay
in power and further his failed ideology?

I say with no hesitation that Barack Hussein Obama should answer to the American people
for his actions - and inaction.

To the mainstream media I say, when we have removed this parasite from our Office of the
President, we will be turning our attention to you - you have willingly refused to
fulfill your Constitutional duty to the detriment of your fellow citizens, that is

I would urge readers, of either or no party to contact your representatives in Congress
and DEMAND an inquiry into the murders in Benghazi be made public, then do the same with
your local media outlet. This administration is counting on you to forget - do you think
the families of those murdered in Libya will forget?

Vote your conscience, not your party.
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Debbie Wasserman Shultz sent me another e-mail.  One of the results of a Romney victory in a few weeks will be this woman( ? ) will follow Pelosi into obscurity – my e-mail program always defaults their rantings to a “trash” folder,  now THAT is artificial intelligence.

This particular message was just too good not to share, so, I give you DWS learned analysis of the presidential debate :

Rick –

Last night, President Obama and Mitt Romney debated for the first time — and it’s clearer than ever before that President Obama is the right choice for our country.

Romney repeatedly and blatantly lied to the American people about his plans and the President’s record. He failed to deliver the specifics that voters deserve to hear, and he doubled down on the same failed policies that hurt the middle class and led to the economic crisis.

Look, Mitt Romney may have impressed the pundits with his performance, but he sure lost on facts.

It’s up to us to make sure President Obama and Democrats across the country have the resources they need to fight back — and win. Make a donation of $5 or more.

President Obama clearly outlined how he’ll continue to keep America on the right track by strengthening the middle class, investing in education, working to grow small business, and continuing to create jobs.

There’s only one way forward, and the outcome is in your hands:



Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Democratic National Committee

Well, wasn`nt that special.

Did you notice that the president also signed the letter? It`s right under DWS signature – although I find it a little strange he signed it with his “Eastwooding”  moniker……..

So, once again, DWS has presented us with a choice ( no, not that one – satan can only tolerate so much) is she delusional? Probably, she has had that Chris Mathews “crazy eyes/spittle spewing rant moments – wishful thinking? I don`t think so, I think her wishful thinking moments include her, Karl Marx, Pelosi, Obama and a broom closet just off the oval office -  sorry for the visual, quick, think cuddly puppies, a box full of kittens – Romney winning by 20 points – there, better now?

We are left with the choice that she demonstrated for the world to see and hear at the DNC convention, she stared straight into the camera and unblinkingly told a whopper that indicted a entire section of the media,the conservative press, as well as an individual reporter.

( who in true Breitbart tactical genius, waited a day for the MSM to run the video over and over – then he released the audio confirming her lie)

So, once again, common sense and thoughtful deliberation has led us to a rational, reasonable conclusion – she is nothing more than a common liar.


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I`m sure you`ve heard about the voter I.D. laws and issues that have been trundled into every court in the Country. It would seem that it`s  too much of an imposition on any of several special groups of people to actually show that they are legally entitled to vote.

Our president, various members of Congress and Eric Holder, who have done such a great job of lowering crime in America ( mostly by refusing to indict themselves and their friends) bleat that requiring I.D. showing that you are a legal citizen of this Country before you are granted the right to vote is such a difficult thing to accomplish that it forces those poor ignorant wretches that simply want to have a say in who takes their money and freedoms to just stay home.

The president has made several speeches regarding illegal immigrants – of course, he did nothing in his first term to address the issue, well, not until he decided to bypass congress and declare several hundred thousand children of illegals cannot be deported, or asked questions, or looked at in ‘that’ way – it JUST isn`t fair. It is also just before election time.

Several States have been bullied, sued, and otherwise coerced into stopping STATE LAW that would allow for proof of legal citizenship to be required to vote.

The presidents own family members, that have lived here illegally, received welfare and housing benefits while under a deport order in one case and having a valid  driver license in the other case – have now quietly been “deemed” o.k. to stay. Funny how that happens.

Mr. president, which is it with you? are you against forcing folks to have to show I.D. to vote, get a job and a driver license, or are you for folks having to prove citizenship for those and other activities?


Here`s why I ask -  an e-mail from you Mr. president, was sent to my inbox by mistake, I say by mistake because this is the name it was addressed to – and I am not making this up- TO:  Daprez  Izzacommie -  FROM: Barack Obama, it was a typical fund raising e-mail (which, I must say are sounding a little desperate lately) the content of the e-mail was not in question, it was the disclaimer that was on the bottom of the message, this was one of the e-mails that promise to enter the donor into a contest to have dinner with you – I cut & pasted the paragraph at bottom of the message here :

No purchase, payment, or contribution necessary to enter or win. Contributing will not improve chances of winning. Void where prohibited. Entries must be received by September 25, 2012. You may enter by contributing to Obama for America here, by signing up for Quick Donate here, or click here to enter without contributing or signing up for Quick Donate. Three winners will each receive the following prize package: round-trip tickets for winner and a guest from within the fifty U.S. States, DC, or Puerto Rico to a destination to be determined by the Sponsor; hotel accommodations for winner and a guest; and dinner for winner and a guest with President Obama on a date to be determined by the Sponsor (approximate retail value of all prizes $4,800). Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Promotion open only to U.S. citizens, or lawful permanent U.S. residents who are legal residents of 50 United States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico and 18 or older (or age of majority under applicable law). Promotion subject to Official Rules and additional restrictions on eligibility. Sponsor: Obama for America, 130 E. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60601.

So, Mr. president, will you be asking for I.D. from the winners to determine if they are”..U.S. citizens, or lawful permanent U.S. residents who are legal residents of 50 United States….”?

You seem to be saying that it is more important to validate legal citizenship to have dinner with you than it is to vote?

Which is it Mr. president?

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I got a letter from Mitt Romney the other day, seems he`s running for political office and he really, really wants my support.  I was curious enough that I did`nt follow my instincts and throw it in the burn pile – then I opened it and saw that the RNC was also involved in this purported ‘personal” letter from Mitt – always follow your instincts.

I had already opened it, so I read a few lines while trying to get my instincts to quit yelling  “I told you so” in my inner ear.

It did`nt take long, four sentences in, this gem of political intelligence danced across the page – “… the American dream is in dire jeopardy…”

Now, far be it for me to take issue with an obviously intelligent man that was the only Governor that ran in the Olympics, or ran the Olympics, or ran past the Olympics – whatever,  Excuse me Governor, but WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? I knew that bit of information the last time you ran ( you do that a lot, don`t you?) for political office.

Mr. Romney, the last time you ran for office – and lost, did you think that was the end of your responsibility? YOU are the one that now has the gall to ask for MY help?

I am an average American, I live paycheck to paycheck (except for the last year I have been mostly unemployed -due to your political brethren`s skills at not doing THEIR job) I don`t have a national voice, or the money and influence it takes to be heard, or acknowledged, but you sir, YOU DO – where have you been while the American Dream was being systematically dismantled?

I, and a few million more of like minded Americans have been doing everything in our power to do what the lapdog, treasonous press WILL NOT do – make public who, what and how the American Dream is under sustained attack by Anti American politicians and other lower life forms that seem to be drawn to them like flies to a turd.

Why have you not been involved in this effort? You talk a good game now, when you want something, but where were you on September 12, 2009 when over a million of your Countrymen and women went to D.C. and surrounded the Capitol to say NO! ?

Where were you on September 12, 2010 when we did it again? Then backed it up in the mid term elections. Where were you when Obamacare was bought, paid for and passed behind closed doors on Christmas eve? Do you think some of the millions you now willingly spend to “secure your legacy” – or as you put it in your letter”…get out the truth..” could have made a big difference in stopping that soiling of the Constitution before it happened?

You should be aware that a lot of us don`t think you are sincere, we don`t think you have the cojones to do what is absolutely required to drive a steel rod into the cog of the socialistic machine that is being quickly built – you should also be aware that we ARE going to elect you out of necessity.

Prove us wrong. You have asked for this chore, you have asked for our support and our trust, we grudgingly will provide both to you – but do not doubt for a second that we will hold you to a higher account than we hold Obama and his cohorts, we will demand you be better than we think you are.

You have said what you will do on day one, back up that talk with documents – draw up the executive orders you will execute on day one regarding obamacare, Keystone, domestic oil drilling, as well as the rescinding of the job killing EPA mandates and EVERYTHING that Cass Sunstein has put in place.

Draw up the legislation you will propose to the new Congress we are going to give you – make those documents, as well as your promise to execute them, public.

On the day after the election results are certified, PUBLICLY call on President Obama to sign those executive orders you drew up – (much like GWB did) as a good will gesture that shows his acknowledgement of not only the election, but the will of the people. Of course, he will not do it, but that will demonstrate for all to see, exactly what he really is.

Oh, and we expect you to pursue ANY and ALL criminal charges against ANY member of the Obama administration, or ANY member of Congress regarding crimes committed in the last four years, there will be NO  “..let`s just move on…”  these people made a knowing and willing effort to damage this Country, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to hold them accountable.

Well Mitt, thanks for the letter, now you know what I (and millions more Americans) require of you in exchange for our support and trust  -  still want the job?

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